Wednesday, March 24, 2010

If you do something, you might make something wrong. When you make a mistake, it is a great thing. Because you the opportunity to learn something.

Admit your mistakes, thorough, and studied in depth. Answer your mistakes are. Mistakes are teachers of the most remarkable. By knowing what is wrong, you helped to find what is right.

Tom Watson, founder of IBM, knew exactly the value of an error. At one point, an employee making a big mistake that hurt millions of dollars worth of IBM. The employees who are called into Watson's office, said: "You must want me to resign" Answer Watson, "You must be kidding. I just spent 10 million dollars to educate you ... "

Successful talented people, will learn from whatever happens, including error. When you make a mistake, it is best to back keeping megumpulkan the scattered pieces, and consider how it could happen.

Do not cry over mistakes. Check and learn mistakes. Next use your new knowledge it.

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