Monday, March 22, 2010

Love Is Like A Fire

The heart is sometimes like steel, so do not be sawed, or at dikapak hammer ...

Once upon a time, Ax, Saw, Hammer, Fire and flames were traveling together. Somewhere, the way they stopped because there is a piece of steel lying on the street block. They tried to get rid of the steel with the power of their own.

"That can I get rid of," said axes. Blows so hard that steel hit hard, too strong and that. But every gash just makes it more dull ax himself until he stopped.

"Here, let me take care of," said Saw. With sharp teeth without feelings, he began sawing. But he was surprised and disappointed, all his teeth so dull and fall.

"I told you," said Hammer, "Kan I have way, you can not. Here, here I show you how. "But he hit only once, bounced off his own head, and the steel remained unchanged.

"Can I try?" Asked Fire Nyala. And he threw himself, gently wrestle, hug, and held it tightly without going off. A hard steel that was eventually melted and liquid ...

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