Thursday, June 16, 2011


Every storm bring with it, HOPE . That somehow by morning everything will be made clean and even the most troubling stains will have disappeared.......
like the doubts over his innocence or the consequence of his mistake.
Like the scars of his BETRAYAL or the memory of his kiss.
So we wait for the storm to pass hoping for the best
Even though we know in our hearts some stains are so stubborn .......nothing can wash them away.
---------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

There are dangerous men in this world
Some are lovers.......blind to the consequences of their actions.
Some are husbands enraged by the betrayal of those they trusted
Others are predators, deviously setting traps to get what they want
If you're unlucky enough to come upon one of these dangerous creatures .......the safest thing to do is the other way
---------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

DESIRE......... It's an emotion designed to lead us astray, persuading those who crave love to make foolish choices ...............Causing those who yearn for attention to act out in anger.
Allowing those who are lonely to behave in reckless ways.
And when the pursuit of our heart's desire becomes an obsession , the best we can hope for a caring friend willing to come along........And stop us.
---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------
its an awful thing to live in darkness,
unable to see what others take for granted
but if we are lucky, the darkness lifts and we can finally see........
the secrets sacrifices made by our love
the suprising progress made by him
or the unintended consequences of our own actions
but there are those who prefer the darkness
because there, they see only what they choose to see

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