Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lessons Today!~ 13/3/2012 (2.22pm)

lesson to be learnt 1:
a true friend is a friend that would listen to you whenever u feel like screaming your heart out, not trying to bring u back down each time you try to step up...

lesson to be learnt 2 :
make your jealousy as a challenge that u can do better, not a reason for u to hate someone because she/he has something better than u...

lesson to be learnt 3 :
don't expect others to come to u and isolating yourself won't make anything better. just swallow your shit and try to solve the problem...

u should know:
i am nothing to hold a grudge on you.. just accept me for who i am. i want to be more, but it's worthless if it means losing a friend like u..

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