Wednesday, June 20, 2012

mengarut di pagi hari

I am as confusing as I am confused. I am sometimes cute, sometimes handsome, sometimes stupid, sometimes smart, very funny, very shy, very quiet... Life is like a rollercoaster there will always be ups, downs, happiness and unhappiness. Never promise what you can't keep. Friends comes and goes, but the ones that you don't always contact. But still call each other every now and then, it's your true friends. Before I used to think time can guarantee every thing, but that's not the case. Because before and present is alot different in what you think. Maybe as you get older, that's the way you think of life. I am what I am. I am just an ordinary guy, who just want to live an ordinary life. Nothing more or special. I try to be a friend who is understanding and caring, because that's my nature... Now i'm still learning about life...

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