Thursday, July 12, 2012

Story Filled With Cheerful And Happy In A Short Time

     Month of july 2012 this time filled with exciting agenda. But this time not alone, but the share of new friends very best friends and could not be forgotten.
     One week, which may only happen once in your life to be among the happiest memories in life. perhaps now we will not meet again, but which knows, maybe with the permission of Allah, we have the opportunity to spend time together again.
     Muadzam Shah, Tioman Island, Pahang Kuantan be the place where the friendly relations between the two countries became familiar and close. a week but felt like only a few hours. Kazakhstan and Malaysia are consolidated under a program created to bridge the gap caused by distance and time. picture can only be cure all the longing and memories in the future.

For remembrance at Muadzam Shah


memoirs in Kuantan

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