Saturday, September 22, 2012

Self Motivation

I would like to meet more friends and see how to make myself a better person... I will never do anything stupid again... Treasure everyone and must always love myself~ Doing something silly won't get me anywhere... If I want a better person to love me, I must become a better person myself, then I will have the right to have someone better~~

I hope to meet any new friends and join them to try something they like to do and experience new stuff... Friends are not like boyfriend or girlfriend but they did have something in common. Both of them will be there for you when you need it...

Do not purposely find a relationship... It's my advice after failing to find one purposely but it happened that mine came naturally. In my opinion, when you are finding someone purposely, you are always choosy... hence, you will soon to find out that you are looking for a good looking partner, instead of nice attitude partner which is not supposed to be like this... Good relationship is something you cannot explain. I don't know why I like this person.... That person is cool... sudden sweet to me... sometimes ignored me.... but... my heart just can't stop thinking about that person... this person wins my heart but not through his look or attitude either... It's just happened that, I feel like wanna be with this person... That explains all~~

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