Sunday, December 8, 2013

About me again?

Several things that i have in common with this writer..

Snob and Serious -- these two words are what people usually think of me especially to those who barely know me. Basically, the two impressions im giving to people who i met or meeting up for the first time. I don't blame them. Maybe my quietness gave them the impressions of me being snob and serious. But im really not.

I am the type of guy who can mingle with anyone. I know how to approach someone depending on the personality he or she is showing me eventhough we have this saying, "No one can please everybody". If i know we are going to click or if our personality matches, often than not, i try to approach the person and introduce myself. But on the other hand, i easily get turn off too, to people who give me a negative impression/s about themselves.

For me, time is gold. This is why I know how to balance and prioritize my time with my family, friends, other people who are significant to me, gimmicks, studies and other stuff. I know whom and what to prioritize.

I know when and how to have fun. I have lived and still living a liberated kind of life. I know what things that can make me happy and those that i find boring. I love to explore different stuff especially those that are new to me.

When im free, you can usually find me in malls watching movies or just at home watching dvds, chatting with my friends over the internet or landline, or reading novels of famous authors . When there are opportunities and some friends invite me to come over their place maybe to have dinner together, to drink some few milk, or to do whatever things, i go.

I can be a very sweet and caring type of guy, but can also be the meanest guy at the same time.

Basically, i am just a normal guy. I have my weaknesses and my strengths and i have my good side and my bad side. Not a Perfect guy.

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